Ring Size Guide

Ring Guide

At Rings Store we try to make your online shopping experience as easy as possible. We therefore try to stock rings that are adjustable to fit most people. However, there are some rings within our collection that do not come in an adjustable size. In particular, our Sterling Silver rings tend to be in Small, Medium and Large sizes. To give you an indication how these sizes relate to UK sizes please see below:

Small size covers UK sizes J, K, L
Medium size covers UK sizes M, N, O
Large size covers UK sizes P, Q, R

Please note we can not guarantee that for a Small size ring you will get a 'J' size for example it may be either of the 3 sizes listed i.e. J, K or L depending on how our suppliers make that particular ring.

We advise all our customers to check the size of the ring in the description of the product before placing an order.

If you are wondering what is the best or most comfortable size for you then one way is to find a ring that is slightly smaller than the second knuckle of your finger. Not too small that the ring will not fit on your finger but not too big that it will slide off your finger.

If you do not have a ring to check what size would suit you then you can purchase ring size guides online. If you have any questions about the size of our ring collections then please do not hesitate to contact us at info@ringsstore.co.uk .